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May 27, 2019


Narcissist's have a different set of eyes and hearts than normal people who are kind and respectful. Entrusting them with your emotions and well being is like handing over your parachute, life saver, oxygen tank and gas mask. The air you breathe belongs to them and everything about your existence becomes their personal possession to do what they want.



They believe they have the power to deflate and inflate you. Inflating is for the sole purpose of deflating you once again. We become a balloon in their hands hoping we stay inflated with our whole self in tact. They are the evil clown that gets to play in their circus and will use mockery to sarcastically ridicule their target with continuous insults.


Regardless of how they grew up, everyone has a conscience and a choice to make. You can be filled with love and kindness or hatred and diabolical behavior. They choose their path.


Cinderella may go to the ball where her narcissistic prince is waiting for her but at the end of the evening she will be reduced in begging for mercy, groveling at his feet... agonizing to give back her dignity and self worth. Can he ever give that to her? No because he never intends to bring Cinderella back.


When you look to the narcissist to retain or obtain your dignity, you are not going to keep it, they will inflate to deflate for continuous supply. They are not your wellspring within or source of your identity and self worth.

You will come out empty if you place your life in the narcissist's hands.  Jesus is our well and gives us life over flowing!







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