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June 6, 2019


These are my comments from watching a video on narcissist's...


With the narcissist it's always about taking you down their rabbit hole. Once you are there, they do not want you to escape. They take your mind, emotions and will and put them in a high speed blender until they think you are willing to cooperate with their abuse. They pour you out and put you into their mold so there is nothing left of YOU except your heart. Your heart is their target. Your analogy of cognitive thinking with facts is really instrumental because many that have been abused for so long they think only with their heart. They put it out there time and time again hoping the narcissist will one day cherish it.


Their target's mind and emotions have been tossed in a high speed blender. They feel like they are whirling around in a nonsensical and illogical manner but get used to the absurd actions of the narcissist. It's almost like being spun around and around but never being a ballerina. Your balance is off, you can't get your footing, you can't focus because your head is spinning. The narcissist's erratic behavior twirls you into a whirlwind caught up in a tornado like storm.


When you think with your heart and emotions you can't examine what is really happening. Their hook is tempting to latch onto because the empath always wants to fix things and make them better. The narcissist never wants to make things better, they like it to get worse and worse. Their reasoning and motives are to hurt you.


It doesn't matter how the conversation goes, it will all end up in the blender with you in it. It's the game the narcissist plays. They want you twirling around in circles being pulverized into tiny segments of yourself so they can pour you into their mold. Only your heart is left in tact. They need that for their supply.

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