June 23, 2019


Was thinking how the narcissist presents themselves as an angel of light when in fact they are nothing close to that. They give the appearance of having a pure heart with good motives. They try and coerce you into believing you need them, they are your angel, everything you always wanted. This appearance of light eventually casts it's shadow and darkness begins to appear in various places. You sense it or see it but refuse to believe it. In the beginning a covert narcissist can come forth as normal, engaging, interested.


Gradually covert narcissist's appear to have a reserve about them like they are withholding information but you can't find their pulse. It is intentional on the narc's part because they are hiding their darkness. When darkness begins to seep through... the dose can be mild so you accept it. You say to one is perfect. But as time goes on the intensity of darkness begins to manifest through the white billowy clouds and transforms them into Cumulonimbus clouds. You know a storm is coming and the strength of the storm can turn into tornadoes.


They want you to live through storm after storm because their world is of darkness. This is where they retain their power living in their element of evil and darkness. So buckling their knees, dismantling their darkness or making them weak is staying in the light because light overcomes darkness.


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. John 1:5




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