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August 10, 2019


Our protective shield is our ability to know our own personal worth and value. In reality we are the rock that is strong, unshakeable and immovable. The narcissist wants us to believe they are the rock that commands you to empty yourself and be their slave or I should say punching bag.


We are the great Dane and the narcissist is the yappy little dog that threatens the great Dane and nips at our heal.


They want to make themselves bigger than life so we shrink into little crumbs of fear and nothingness. They are that balloon that gets deflated time and time again. They whiz all around us while their air escapes, desperately fighting to stay inflated. Their supply is how they become inflated and without their supply they deflate; while we being logically and emotionally stable watch all this being played out before our eyes. They make themselves larger than life by their big mouths in threats, insults and accusations.


The cost and price tag of being appraised by the narcissist will lead to being devalued. If you don't allow the narcissist to appraise your worth by listening to their baloney you will stay the rock that is unshakeable and immoveable.


The narcissistic world is all about fakery. When we allow them to appraise us by their standard it is always counterfeit just like a costume jeweler. Since we are highly valued and are priceless in the sight of God, their counterfeit standard doesn't apply to us at all. The narcissist's worth is based upon how many they can dissasemble, desimate and destroy to fill their need for power, control and identity. Without their supply they crumble and deflate into a pile of evil rubbage.


What if you had a precious valuable stone that you inherited. Would you take it to a costume jeweler to be appraised? You already know the stone is priceless, so why would you go to a counterfeit appraiser? You are that precious stone.

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