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September 28, 2019

 I agree with this video she posted on her take of the narcissist.


Narcissist's are fueled by guilt and shame. This is in their gas tank. If they have been raised by a narcissist parent these emotions are perpetually churning in their mind. So in order to compensate for their insecurity, guilt and shame they place the blame on others to make them feel guilty, shameful and insecure.


This is a hand me down manipulation to always make themselves feel powerful and in control. It works for them because everyone scrambles in attempts to please them which is what they wanted all along. It gives them self worth even if they are doing it in a destructive way.


But I also believe when demonic forces take over the mind they manipulate the person to believe they are entitled to abuse because it makes them feel good. It's like a sugar addict or any other addict. They get a nice high off of screaming and yelling while others cow tow to them.


Another thing is when the narcissist goes into a rage after they are done they seem to have no recollection of their abuse. They become normal again. But their victim does the opposite, they go into anxiety, fear, turmoil of just being terrorized.


When the narcissist releases their abuse it is like a pressure cooker that needs their steam release. After it is all said and done they find themselves totally peaceful and relaxed. While their victim is still agonizing of what just happened. I think the narcissist gets total pleasure out of terrorizing their victim because once their evil is hashed out they believe...I came, conquered and won. It is like someone who goes to punch the lights out of someone who is innocent and then walks away feeling grand.


Men who do this to women are cowards. Take your abuse to a 275 pound body builder and see what they do to you.

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