October 2, 2019


We should be saying we want our reality back where you could walk out your front porch at night and greet a neighbor. Reality has changed and morphed into something that is destructive and manipulative. Reality was when the family was the nucleous of society and that was what drove our humanity into greater heights of righteous living.


This is why our personal reality should be the rock of our foundation rather than a society that has gone array to lead the way into more chaos. I've watched videos of San Fran in the 1900's. Men were dressed in ties and suits while the women dressed in their spendid attire. Trolley cars brought a new era of invention while women and men of the day walked across the street being cordially graceful to one another. There was no trash, needles, homeless as they all took care to embrace a society that was meant to promote goodness, higher morals and values. I saw a video of Los Angeles in the 1950's where evening bustle was favored by those who walked without fear as they strolled passed shops along the boulevard.


What happened to reality that was not contorted to be diabolical but rather heavenly. Even then if there was a hint of chaos it would be hidden from society's eyes, it would be banned, alarming and concealed. Now it is all brought out in the open, unashamed, crass and boastful of it's extreme nature intent on smothering out reality that once was the epitome of humanity's success and prosperity. Not in monetary riches but being rich because there was a common thread of diplomacy, discretion and poise.

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