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October 8, 2019


You can look at history at how many incessant wars went on with people groups while nations developed in progression and regression. The battles raged on and on, conquering and being conquered.


Is this human nature to bring defeat and confiscation of land so we can bellow into expanding our dominance and footprint upon the globe? Possibly they were defending their land, yes but the continuous wars were never ending.


We on the other hand have a type of war that is raging within our nation. Republicans vs. Democrats, Democrats vs. Republicans. Are we going to go down in history books with every scandal being written in ink, to be read like a gossip magazine? Where is the dignity in all of it? Has the United States lost it's virtue?


Smothering our history books like ketchup on a steak does not leave a proud moment to ponder but only how our nation became like the ancient Roman Empire within where buzzards built their nests.


This is not a stain of imperfection but a scar which leaves us clamoring in feuds for the world to see. We have a grand and glorious country, honor should rise up above our nation where our stars truly reach our galaxies and our brilliance is a light to the nations.

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