Cultural War

October 13, 2019


Encroachment on people's rights can come in the most covert ways and society may not even see it coming. Overt would be like Turkey invading the Kurds, covert would be like Turkey hiring undercover agents to assimilate into their society to change their actions, behaviors, traditions and ways of thinking. Covert is the most dangerous because many in our society do not even notice that it is happening. This is why I commented prior about the disappearance of old fashion reality where family was the most important nucleus of society, student's blushed when a swear word was inappropriate and courting was pure and innocent. What changed? Covert agendas happened that assimilated and impregnated the thoughts and hearts of society. Just as Turkey is pushing back the Kurds further away from their homes, so does covert agendas push back society away from foundations laid out by God. Lawless anarchy isn't against mankind but against God Himself.

Communalism limits the power to think creatively and individually. It seeks to control the heart of man. Collectivism oppresses the mind of man. Communism is a way to silence the spirit of man.



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