October 13, 2019


My comment on Judge Jeanine...

No one has run on the educational platform. We have college students up to their necks in debt, looking for jobs to pay off those debts. We want bright intelligent youth growing up to be great leaders of our world but we are throwing them into a hole of debt.


Disqualifying those who cannot afford college or impeding the ability to pay their enormous debt does not give a strong platform for future entrepreneurs, inventors, leaders and creators of a greator stabalized economy. How many road blocks does it take to stop the progress of a thriving economy?


When students enter into the workforce just to pay off their debt how can they contribute to buying real estate, investing, purchasing commodities? Unless you are privileged in an upper class environment the latter will lag behind trying to catch up on their bills. I hope President Trump reads this because no one has said a peep about college debt and I'm sure millions of parents would appreciate the thought of having their child debt free. College was a lot more affordable but now it has skyrocketed.


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