October 16, 2019


All their actions point to vengeance. This is puzzling to their victim because they are the innocent by-stander while the narc suddenly strikes with an on slaught of verbal brutality which comes out of nowhere. The narc has this vendetta to punish the perceived wrong done to them. It may have nothing to do with you, it may be a circumstance that aggravates them, possibly anger from childhood abuse, self destructive thoughts or humilation. The narcissist exemplifies the nature of their cruelty by their own actions. Rather than grieve and cringe at their own deplorable conduct, they seem to gloat over their achievement of becoming the most hideous of mankind. The narcissist is attempting to train you into submission.

Beaten Into Submission

Physical punishment has always been the standard training method for animals in circuses. Animals are beaten, shocked, and whipped to make them perform—over and over again—tricks that make no sense to them. The AWA allows the use of bullhooks, whips, electrical shock prods, or other devices by circus trainers. Trainers drug some animals to make them “manageable” and surgically remove the teeth and claws of others.

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