December 8, 2019


...In adolescence the narcissist were not able to have emotionally and healthy thoughts because it was robbed from them. They become like empty wells driven to fill their emotional need for love, acceptance and affirmation. Each person has a soul. They can either fill it with God's Holy Spirit or allow the god of this world to fill it any way he chooses including demon possession. 


This is why you can get the most evil human being that is a narcissist to go after your soul and attempt to destroy it. This actually is what fills the empty evil soul of the narcissist. They need supply to fuel their now occupied demonic soul. 


People always wonder how can the narcissist be so cruel? This is why, they are controlled by demonic forces. Demons don't get happy when you are happy, joyful or full of love. They hate it because demons cannot love, only hate. 


If you are a believer, they will attack you any way they can. But in order for them to have consistent supply they must turn the tables around and become a nice person so your guard is let down. If your guard is always up, they can't rattle your emotional state because you are on to them. So they do a 180 for a time in order to make you think life is normal and they have changed. It is a game to them because they know they will win every time. 


The pattern has been set for them to continue in this cycle without the person knowing what is happening. All they know is one minute the narcissist are evil and the next kind. It is crazy making in the minds of those who are recipients of emotional abuse. 


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