February 9, 2020


In all areas of society there are narratives that are being pushed upon us. It's like marketing and advertising a product hoping people will buy it or buy into it.


Once a person buys into it they cannot see whether it is harmful because they have already become convinced, addicted, dependent and will protect and defend their beliefs. Their vulnerabilities go to a whole new level because they have been indoctrinated and programmed to believe something that is false to be true.They guard it with their life, resisting any threat of breaking down the falsehood and deception they choose to consume. They keep swallowing pill's that are dangerous but believe they are life giving. They keep drinking poisonous water but cannot taste or see how it has numbed their capability of thinking logically to apply reasoning and test whether they be true. If something is false to begin with, it is never going to be true because it holds to deception.


When a person has relinquished their right to think for themselves, they have become like a programmable robot ready to fit the narrative being dished like drops of lethal poison. If you slowly swallow a dose of it, your senses are not alerted to another ounce of beguilement and your own betrayal of cognitive reasoning. Divination and sorcery provides each narrative to become accepted and embraced with full approval and consent. This automated person becomes a conduit to advertise and market this false narrative to pass on more deception to the masses. We were not created to be robots.

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