March 23, 2020


We can be dedicated to our schedule, our activities, hobbies, desires, goals, ambitions. Let's take this time to be dedicated to the Lord. 


What is God's most up-most desire for us? It is to dedicate our minds, our souls, emotions, bodies, desires and time. Why time? Because every moment is precious. We can make it sweet or bitter. How much better it is to smell orange blossoms or a blooming gardenia, freesias in a garden or Jasmine spreading the essence of aromatic flavor. 



We can have our dedications locked in a circle of continuous self serving ambitions and consumption's. We forget as believers that we are to be dedicated, devoted and consumed with the Lord. To think on heavenly things above and not on this earth. 


How easy it is to become first while God fits in when convenient. God is turning this around so we give Him our devotion rather than devoting ourselves to whatever makes us the center of our universe. Is He trying to take away our happiness? No, quite the opposite, He is wanting to give us His abundant life.


John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.


Are we a fragrant aroma of Christ or do we reek of death? The old man shouldn't be resurrecting itself in order to serve self. When a believer walks in the flesh it is like rancid incense going up to heaven. Jesus crucified our flesh on the cross so we have the power to live according to His Spirit. 



A bitter spirit is testimony that one is serving self, exhibiting a heart that lacks faith to believe God is faithful in all things. It is an act of condemning God for not doing enough, being enough, performing enough to meet one's expectations. When things don't go as planned their emotions are fueled with anger, fanning the flames until it is out of control. 



A fragrant spirit waits on the Lord, moves by His Spirit. It doesn't rely on what is seen, but by what is not seen. It is difficult at times to curtail that little thing called the tongue. The tongue wags when we don't want it to but it can be used when we see the seeds of injustice popping up around us. Jesus did not hold back when He saw this type of behavior or actions. 


Our heart displays who or what we are devoted to. It demonstrates allegiance by what we say or do. God wants us to have whole hearted devotion. In Joel 2:13 it says to rend your hearts not your garments. What does this mean. The Hebrews had a custom of tearing their garment when in despair. God say's don't do that, just give me your heart.

















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