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March 24, 2020

 Wolves can be disguised so cleverly.


Any cult will point you away from the source of truth by creating false doctrines, materials that fit their cult narrative, even creating their own bibles changing our original scripture. They steer you away from truth so that you will not know how to receive true eternal salvation by grace alone with the price paid for our sins by Jesus on the cross.


Men or women are raised up as cult leaders governing others to follow their every word. It becomes idolatry and worship of man.



Our source of truth is Jesus Christ. It is not a made up Christ to suit their dogma, or a demoted Jesus who is only a prophet or an angel. Just like the enemy to lower Jesus from being our only Savior and King.


When Jesus was in the wilderness the enemy wanted Jesus to follow and worship him. He promised Jesus authority and riches. Jesus rebuked him because He already had all authority and all the riches He needed in His Kingdom.



Cult’s lure people into believing they will receive what the enemy offers; honor, esteem, riches, status, followers, authority and eternity through the hands of man.


This is the biggest lie of the enemy; using men to deceive others into following another Jesus, an organization that promises only what Jesus can give.



In time, these followers of cults are assimilated into a society of robots that are programmed to believe every prophecy and instruction from their cult leaders. It is mind control for the masses of those who have submitted their cognitive abilities into the hands of mastermind manipulators.



As the deceived masses walk into a cavern of thieves they fail to test the spirit whether it is from God.


I John 4 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.


I Thessalonians 5:21  Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.


If your source of truth is from a false bible or literature and your source of truth comes from a religious impostor (false prophet) then you have been deceived.


I Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils


Cults can be cloaked in religious lingo, works and friendly smiles to bait you into their system. It is a different type of familia but when you experience leaving you become a target hunted down by a posse of fox hunters.



A good “hunt” and a “good run” takes place when biddables are sent out to catch their prey. Biddables are hounds that will honor commands of staff and huntsmen.


Just like fox hunts, catching you is “accounting you for the quarry”; a British term meant it is a good indication you have a good pack of hounds.


Jesus never wanted mankind to become robots where men act like kings ruling and reigning in a religious pecking order. Where Pileated woodpeckers use their gavels in a religious court to sentence you in shunning prison forever unless you come back into their nest.



When Jesus said He set us free, He meant it. He set us free from any form of Pharisaical religion, giving power to only a select few who wear garments of flesh. He set us free to become transformed into His image, not an organization or religious institution. God created us to be unique individuals who can have eyes to see and ears to hear, to think on our own. Every fingerprint is different on the face of this planet, even twins don’t have identical fingerprints.  


Group think is an extremely dangerous philosophy because it blocks individual thought processes, removing creativity and inspiration. It pressures the group to conform regardless of disapproval or opposing ideas. It squelches and represses anyone from disagreeing, doubting, judging, examining what is being promoted and mandated. This becomes very threatening when an organization commands loyalty like a communist regime with penalties so severe, they will cast you out of their society as a dissenter.



When God’s word is adulterated and dismantled to fit a cult’s belief system, sadly their followers have fallen into an abyss of lies. Manipulators gather flocks who lose their identity into the hands of these deceivers. It’s like giving your house key to a bunch of strangers and saying do what you want with my house.



This is not what God intended for His beautiful creation. We were not formed to be vulnerable and accessible to cult mentality.



We all have voices to speak and minds to think so we can examine whatever is put before us. It is not swallow this medicine because it is good for you when you don’t even know if it has rat poison.



Compliance isn’t obedience to God’s word when you are passively conforming to a diabolical structure instituted by man.


Would anyone walk behind steel fences that say danger keep out? This is exactly what cult followers do. They even have men stationed at the door to say welcome in, avoid the danger sign.



Cults used to be thought of as flower child vans and long hair. It was peace and love everywhere. Now they are more deceptive than ever, hiding behind suits tailored made for cult indoctrination.


In seasons past you could see writing on the walls of art hieroglyphics stating what they believe. It was bold and in your face. What we see today is meant to disable any way of grasping truth, turning it into Morse code mysteries that only a prophetic few can understand. They lead you into an never ending conclusion on what to believe from one minute to the next. It's like changing up a smorgasbord buffet on a weekly basis. How else could they keep you coming back for more unless they change it up.



You don't want to miss the last train out is what they want you to believe. Please don't buy a ticket. It will cost losing your eternal life because you are on the wrong train. Jesus already paid your ticket on the cross.


















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