April 5, 2020


Emotional needs are valid when they are normal requiring respect, consideration and kindness, where amiable communication is given the right to be heard. When the narcissist is expected to meet those normal needs in another person it goes beyond their capacity because it takes away from their insatiable need to control, dominate, abuse and victimize. Their well is dry because they alone are empty souls that can have a variance of darkness to the point of demonic possession. The only reason they would morph into meeting those human needs is to deceive their target into letting their guard down. It's never a give give or give and take situation, it's always a take, take, take with the narcissist. They live their lives on taking the souls of others for their manipulations and war games. The wars will never end because it is what keeps the narcissist alive.


Narcissist's measure themselves with others which promotes an endless amount of jealousy as they begin to chissel and hack away at those they are jealous of. This is where their flying monkeys come in. Whether they be duped by the narcissist or play along in the fox hunt, the narcissist gathers their pack of dogs to go after their point of jealousy.


The narcissist's jealousy will never go away because they are reminded always of their own insecurities by their own perpetual thoughts. They hate what is called good and love what is called evil. The more you shine, the more they whine, cry, scream, yell, go ballistic in their behavior.


They attempt to destabilize you so they feel stabilized. Then after they have achieved their goal, they will pretend to be the rescuer of your destabilized world so once again you forget the emotional pain and harm done to you. They have two faces rolled into one, the sheep and the wolf but the wolf is who they really are.

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